WOLF/DOG TO HUMAN RELATIONSHIP ON 9/11Dogs have served humanity from the beginning of Man’s history. Dogs were instrumental in moving humans forward on a path to civilization at a time when Neanderthals were dying out. The Neanderthal people never learned the advantages of a wolf to dog relationship and therefore were left between the stone age and a hard place. Wolves have been persecuted by Man for millennia, in fact once whole forests were burned in Scotland to eliminate wolves. Why should this be? It’s due to the fact that wolves had well organized, established, successful societies and man, with his supposed intellect, did not. The subjugation of wolf to dog was a process undertaken when the benefits could be seen, the protection of property and life, hunting techniques, loyalty to clan members, companionship and myriad other services provided by wolf/dog, which continue to the present day. There is no other animal on planet earth whose services have been so sought out, used, abused and exploited as those of dogs. Their contributions to human society are of unmeasurable value and should be recognized as such. On a day such as this day, they deserve some recognition for their thousands of years of labor, lost lives and importantly LOVE!

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