Humans evolved to transform their environments to suit their needs an entirely unnatural way of doing things. Animals on the other hand adapt TO their environments. “Adaptation of cetaceans to a fully aquatic lifestyle represents one of the most dramatic transformations in mammalian evolutionary history” and is coupled with learning ability. Research and observations in recent years have revealed that whales and dolphins not only have the ability to learn as individuals, but those individuals can then pass their new knowledge to others. This is a rare intelligence in the animal kingdom. Are they the most intelligent mammalian species on the planet? If this is even called into question then there is obviously some doubt about a conclusion. They have seemingly evolved beyond the tool making of humans to live balanced lives within their frame of existence, something humans have been unable to do. Man must take and plunder earth’s resources to maintain his life and considers the building of edifices and the plastering of earth’s face as signals of his extremely superior intellect. The fact that humans require tools to maintain their lives points to intellectual inadequacies, since they must rob the planet for their needs and wants. Those relying on external solutions to maintain life could be said to fall intellectually below those whose internal (intellect) provides the necessary solutions which maintain life within the confines of the niche nature has provided. Therefore by this definition humans, seeking always to exceed their boundaries, become the destroyers of the natural world and would quite readily fit into a definition of alien species on planet earth. Marine mammals live on a purely intellectual basis far beyond what is possible for humans to imagine just as it would be impossible for humans to imagine carrying radar around in their heads. These mammals are well aware of the dangers imposed by Man and try to avoid confrontations but that is becoming more and more unavoidable. They have conceptual abilities (the most demanding mental activity) that humans can only dimly actualize which is a problem for the animals as well, being unable to formulate the motivations for human behavior most of which is foreign and dangerous for them.
Humans must construct a universe to fit their thoughts but animals fit their thoughts to the universe. That is the key – it is impossible to contain the entire universe in one brain but one brain does contain an entire universe. Think Stephen Hawking. – His abilities are intellectual as are the abilities of marine mammals. He is not a builder of skyscrapers or of pouring asphalt on planet earth and neither are animals. That does not make them less comprehending – just different and in some cases intellectually more advanced. Compare a Stephen Hawking whose thoughts encompass a universe to someone who cuts down trees to use the wood for momentary monetary reward.



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