Bullfighting is ritualistic torture and murder passed off as entertainment. The Spanish government gave bullfighting a cultural heritage status in 2013, evidently hoping it would add to the country’s tourist attractiveness and it has not. Among Spaniards themselves, not even 24% have attended bullfights in the previous year. It is an obscenity that in the 21st century a government would glorify public torture of animals. Instead of moving forward and recognizing such anachronistic displays for what they are, which is blood letting and torture, the Spanish government has regressed to an era when humans and animals were murdered in a public arena to satisfy the blood lust of the onlookers. It is time for that country’s government to realize the world has moved on: Animals are not sacrificial objects for public rituals. The governing body should be condemned for allowing such practices to continue and dignifying it under the cloak of cultural heritage. If their culture has not evolved beyond this sort of thing, then why not bring back burning at the stake or drawing and quartering, both of which were also considered mob entertainment at one point in time. The bull must endure torture until he is too weak from exhaustion, pain and blood loss to stand. The torero considers himself to be in great danger but the difference is he made a choice to place himself in that position for fame and monetary gain. The bull has no choice and can only be released from torment by ritual slaughter so that torero can call himself matador! What sort of mentality derives pleasure from seeing a sentient creature suffer at the hands of an overpaid butcher? 

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