For each step forward the human race has used the backs of animals to advance themselves. The term “evolve ” was not used since a missing link has never been found and never will be. The mystery of human origins is a tale for another time but it should be noted that advancement would never have occurred were it not for the animal kingdom. Does that  

 mean progress requires whatever means is available? It does not as is shown by the state of the earth today. 

An example of means to an end can be found in the exploits of the ancient Roman Empire which are admired today. But their civilization is long gone. The single material that placed them in the forefront of building a society was none other than concrete. Some of their edifices are standing throughout the Roman frame of influence today including structures in Vatican City and I’m sure a question might be asked “how does that prove an animal connection?” These constructs should be red, dripping with blood since millions of gallons of blood from pigs were used in the concrete. Humans are the smash and grab robbers on a global scale using, abusing, exploiting whatever resource is at hand to further their desires for whatever purpose. The hellish means humanity has used to advance itself throughout millennia may seem acceptable and permissible but the means to these ends will be the failure of these ends in the END 


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