For countless centuries the bird known

 as O’O

Had a rainforest home where there were 

more than a few

When a partner was desired a song 

announced intent

By building a nest the ladybird gave her


When one finds the other it’s a lifetime 


If one passes on the other sings thinking 

the mate will come back

Then it happened strange humans came 

upon this scene

The forest was in turmoil not at all how it 

had been

Soon the birds began disappearing one

 by one

Until on a day it appeared they were all 


Except for a lone bird who sat in his tree

Singing for his mate “please come back 

to me”

Never did she return to their home in 

the wood

And the heartbroken mate sang ’til he too 

was dead

That’s the end to the story of birds with a 

strange name

Who were driven to extinction by a strange 

bird called Man


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