I’m sure everyone has met a few of these:

Planning on college but can’t formulate a sentence

or spell shoe

Still they want a degree so they think college will do

Many leaders in the world never had a formal education

Such as Ford, Lincoln, Churchill, Truman and Edison 

What they learned they acquired by their own volition 

And could out shine the masses by their erudition. 
Does higher education improve those who haven’t

the equipment they need

Not likely because no harvest is gleaned from a field

gone to seed
Lack of learning many examples come to mind

But they’re really common… not hard to find

intellectual lack includes 

“Who was Plutarch? Oh it’s a relative of Pluto” 

“Isn’t that something everyone should know ?”

“In Ancient times there was WWII”

“Not many people then only a few”

“What is Sagittarius, can’t locate it”

“Something about archery…maybe Robin Hood 

would fit”

“I’m surprised about Robin Hood that you know

 about him”

“Well it’s an eating place where you can carry out 

or eat in”

So those dim in the head don’t waste your 


By going to school to take erudite courses

Not a thing will stick in your head from that


And it should be remembered not even God can 

teach a fool


There was an empress in a 19th century land

Who ruled with a fair but iron hand

A small white dog was ever by her side

In times of fear under her skirts he would hide

Dogs not allowed in the Forbidden City

So they took him and strangled him –a great pity

From that day forward she was hard as a nail

And made sure the guilty on nails were impaled 

Her vengeance was sated but there was yet something to do

And for that time it was a remarkable breakthrough

Dogs no longer forbidden in that place

As long as she lived that was to be the case

She told them she wouldn’t tolerate such wrong

All for the memory of her one friend Baixiong


People often speak of hell in a joking manner, hoping by making light of it, there is no real threat, and it becomes a fanciful concept. For many animals hell is not a concept, it is a reality, these animals are born into it and will never leave its confines. Humans have assigned themselves as governors of this invisible kingdom, which is a “land from which no traveler returns”.The essence of compassion is placing yourself in another’s shoes and for human beings it remains a task few are willing to undertake because after all, aren’t humans superior to animals? And by whose authority is this said to be so? Well, humans, of course. Might makes right. A self-serving maxim. The conquering invaders are established on the planet and their will is imposed. The Weakness of the conquered is rewarded by requiring subservience to the Strong. The world is out of balance and SPECIESISM is the mechanism driving it forward.

There is a human being whose mental capacity is that of a vegetable and then there is a non-human animal who is sentient, self aware, capable of love, can feel pain, can perform the tasks assigned to it by nature, and cares for offspring. Which being would receive the utmost regard over the other? The answer is a surprise to none. Awarding consideration to an animal over a human, would be stripping humanity from the vegetable and that will never be allowed to happen, since humanness to humans is a sacrosanct state of being. A force of will once established is not easily dislodged. But an imbalance exists. The inhabitants of earth are comprised of 99% non human life, controlled by 1% human life. But the mores of the few control the many. The reason for the 6th Mass Extinction, plundering of earth’s resources, presently underway, is obvious.