I’m sure everyone has met a few of these:

Planning on college but can’t formulate a sentence

or spell shoe

Still they want a degree so they think college will do

Many leaders in the world never had a formal education

Such as Ford, Lincoln, Churchill, Truman and Edison 

What they learned they acquired by their own volition 

And could out shine the masses by their erudition. 
Does higher education improve those who haven’t

the equipment they need

Not likely because no harvest is gleaned from a field

gone to seed
Lack of learning many examples come to mind

But they’re really common… not hard to find

intellectual lack includes 

“Who was Plutarch? Oh it’s a relative of Pluto” 

“Isn’t that something everyone should know ?”

“In Ancient times there was WWII”

“Not many people then only a few”

“What is Sagittarius, can’t locate it”

“Something about archery…maybe Robin Hood 

would fit”

“I’m surprised about Robin Hood that you know

 about him”

“Well it’s an eating place where you can carry out 

or eat in”

So those dim in the head don’t waste your 


By going to school to take erudite courses

Not a thing will stick in your head from that


And it should be remembered not even God can 

teach a fool

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