38,746,383,810. KILLED SO FAR THIS YEAR
It makes faith in the human race difficult to sustain when someone like a Walter Palmer or publicity whore Kendall Jones, are allowed to run roughshod over wild life in this world. 
The illusion of normalcy pervades the activities of these people and they are being backed up from every sort of greedy business venture imaginable from their business managers, photographers, TV shows for Jones, travel, clothing, weapons, etc, as if they were entertainment personalities engaging in a perfectly acceptable sport or entertainment. It should be eminently clear and obvious to the enablers of these people that killing is not normal behavior, and of course it is obvious, but the greed factor is stronger than a moral decision of what’s right or wrong. Even these hunters themselves know, buried beneath their veneer of respectability, what they are doing is wrong which is the reason for their continual media commentaries about their “harvesting” activities being a “sport.” If they believe that what they are killing is just machinery with instincts and a pulse, it justifies THEIR instinct to kill.
The world is regressing not progressing. It has been shown that one of the main factors in extinction of animals is the hunting of them. Killing and entertainment are mutually exclusive terms — an oxymoron. The human race has a serious flaw in its makeup which has to be abolished because it signals the end of what is known as life on a planet renowned for life. Life persisted on this planet long before there were humans around capable of destroying it. Greed and psychotic behavior – the hand fits well in that glove. 
Every human endeavor imaginable is involved in killing – from dropping birds out of the sky , snagging fish out of water, taking the lives of wildlife’s biggest and best. Then the other ways killing is employed for human convenience – factories raising animals for one purpose – killing to eat, euthanasia of unwanted pet animals, culling of wildlife – all done for human convenience because “there are too many” of the animals targeted. And who is responsible for the imbalance? Human beings of course. The other type of behavior increasing on an exponential level is the outright brutality employed against animals on planet Earth. It can be seen, even to the blind, that there is something seriously out of joint. Whose doorstep should receive the package addressed to BLAME? The addressee may not be around long enough to receive it! He was seen heading out the back door falling into an abyss yelling what did I do? I didn’t cause this!

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