A dog for all seasons or could it be a season for all dogs? Benin was not at all sure because he knew all dogs lived in a separate world and he had never been invited in but they could come and go in his world as they wished.He had taken up this dog walking as a part of his groomer-in-training regimen and the money wasn’t too bad when you considered the hours, about four hours a day. he did mornings plus some pet sitting gigs. A favorite came in the form of Miss Pawline who seemed to wait for him, okay he can’t deny it, he loved to pet sit with her too.

The phone, he had just paid the bill and it had been turned back on, rang with a jangle to his midnight nerves. The voice on the other end was screaming “where is she — where’s Pawline I saw her with you-you-know-you know-you know. Befuddled hardly covered this newly developed occurrence. He didn’t know what to say. What day was this anyway, I’m going to have you arrested for grand theft Theft! Thief thief you took my money, jewelry. It seems her princess Diana copy ring and jeweled leopard Wallace Simpson copy were gone

A dog and money, jewelry disappeared into thin air. Well isn’t that the road he always found to travel on, the WRONG road, and he didn’t even know it. The cops weren’t long in presenting at his door either – no there’s no dog here and I sure dont have any money either and I don’t wear jewels!

The days in the cooler dragged to an abrupt halt when his court appointed attorney escorted him from those mean environs. Still no dog he said but money? A ring of would be cat burglars was eventually discovered and found responsible for at least 4 other like incidents in the star-studded hills of LA with discovery of the royal knockoffs but money? You must be kidding!

A local shelter turned up with Pawline, a very costly rare breed who had a tattooed serial number in the ear. Benin was so relieved to hear she was safe he couldn’t catch his breath.

It seems Madam GotRocks was interested in jewelry and money and Pawline came in third, except for the financial issue concerning her rarity. Benin worked out a payment plan to buy Pawline and since she had wrongly accused Benin. she was most cooperative from that standpoint and most likely feared a civil suit of some kind.
Pawline loved this deal! No complaints issuing from her camp!

Look for Pawline and Benin at his newly opened store front shop with a sign that confirms he’s Groomer To The Stars, and as Benin says, thats how Cesar Milan started out!  

What it is, it’s just Crime and Punishment in Hollyweird!

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