If someone finds this, my family or friendsDon’t judge me harshly, just know I want to make amends

If I’m not here to explain words that are less than pretty

This exercise in poetry is the story, may it earn someone’s pity

For flesh is weak, I’ve learned that lesson and it’s hard

 I hope my absence means I’ve gone to my just reward 

I love my wife at least I think I do

And when I left I promised to be true
But AnBinh came to me, it was a love at first sight

And we lay together the very first night
Her breasts were as delicate as berries and cream

I drew from their essence and it was a sybaritic dream
I kissed the bud below her undulating hips

It blossomed forth between my welcoming lips
She stroked my fullness, with trembling fingers guiding it within

And then the inevitable rhythm did begin
Her ecstatic engorgement clasped my aching member

With a warmth like that of a still heat-filled ember
Her tear-moist eyes told of a metamorphosed consummation

And I was spent in transformative exhilaration 
She whispered “you unlocked my secret with your caressing tongue”

“I’ve had an ecstasy with you”I murmured, “beyond any I’ve known “
The thought of my wife across an ocean came to mind

I dismissed it quickly before this sin it could find
The sexuality and love I’ve never felt it’s like before

But some will scoff saying she’s just a wartime whore

But before your assign to her such a name, I implore 

Think on a gift to this soldier none ever gave before

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